Stories From Our Friends

Thank you so much for sharing your Music Heals CDs for wounded warriors. Your work not only makes a difference in the lives of veterans, but also sends a powerful message that when our service members return home, we won’t turn our backs. -John K. Delany, U.S. Congress, 6th District, Maryland

This donation gives children with cancer a true moment of happiness. When they are going through some of the very grueling and difficult treatments and feeling isolated and alone, receiving a special gift really does make their day. -Greg Anderson, Founder & CEO Cancer Recover Foundation

The Tacy Foundation’s dedication to empowering young people through music and its healing ability is truly admirable. - Benjamin L. Cardin, Senator, Maryland

My name is Bibby. I am 13 years old and go to Rockyhill Middle school. This is my second year teaching piano at Gibbs Elementary school. I consider myself lucky because I have the opportunity to learn piano. Realizing that many other children aren’t as lucky as I am, I decided I wanted to give something back to the community by joining the piano pals program. This is my second year teaching Jamie. Even though she can only take piano lessons 30 minutes a week, she likes it a lot. Jamie plays better and better week by week. I truly appreciate the opportunity to help other children. I hope that other disadvantaged children do have the chance to learn piano through the piano pals program. 

We thank you for taking time to remember the children and their families at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and for being a part of bringing joy to our youngest patients.- Jill Ackerman, Department of Pediatrics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

I am very impressed and overwhelmed with the story of the Tacy Foundation. Your dedication and commitment bringing music composed and recorded by children to so many patients across the country at other hospitals and medical centers, and to the men and women serving in our United States Military, is incredible. -Anne Meisner, President and CEO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Our family has been participating in this program for the past 2 years. It has been an amazing and a very fulfilling experience. Veda and shiv have had the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a warm and a safe environment. Additionally , it also sharpens their social skills along with helping them develop empathy for the younger and not so fortunate kids. For the student/ younger kid, it is a great learning experience. They look up to their mentors and make them their role models. With these mentors , students can relate a lot more than they can to a teacher. They share their reading interests and borrow books. The arts and crafts program helps the children learn new skills. It is a great platform where both mentors and students stand to gain. We wish the very best to Tacy Foundation and hope they continue to make a positive impact to the world of children and music through piano pals. Regards, Suhela Luthra