Tacy Foundation Programs

To Sign-Up for a program become a Tacy Volunteer

Puzzles and Magazine Drive:

Collect and send crosswords and magazines for Seniors to keep alert and bright. 

    Virtual Live Concerts.

    Livestream a Music Concert. Invitations will be sent on Signup.com for participants.  The Livestream will be taped on YouTube for viewing afterwards at any time by any facility. 

      Composer's Circle

        Learn to write, create, and understand music. Bring more music and, therefore, joy into the world. Class space limited. Taught by Michael Tacy.

        Piano Pals

        Piano Pals® Virtual Training for Title 1 ES grades 3-5. Learn how to teach an elementary school child through Faber Piano Adventure Primer Books.  Taught by a high school Chief Intern with years of experience.  Mondays at 4-5 pm until the course is completed. 
          NEW: Piano Pals® for Seniors.  A class for teen mentors to learn how to use the Adult Beginner Curriculum by Faber Piano Adventures.  Host and Teacher:  Mr. Richard Pedersen.

          And Much More!

          Become a Tacy Volunteer to sign-up!

            Guitar Pals® Training on Wednesdays. (ongoing) at 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

            New: Make Thank You cards for Teachers.  (An at-home project at any time)

              Make a Video of your Performance for YouTube Playlist, songs in public domain and marked "Unlisted." 
                Make a Video of your reading of a children's book (public domain) for Reading Express®.  
                  Write emails of encouragement to seniors and hospitals. Jokes are always great (in good taste). This is a much-needed project for seniors. 
                    Make get well cards for hospital patients.  (At home anytime)
                      Learn a song to play for seniors upon your return in Spring.
                        Write about your Tacy Foundation experience story for Facebook and the Newsletter. 
                          1. Interview Volunteer Directors/Seniors to see how they are impacted by the youth and music/story of Tacy Foundation volunteers.  Write an article or story for the Newsletter about your discoveries. 1.5 hours of ssl credit per story


                          1. Bring magazines for seniors! (This is a request from seniors’ centers to keep them aware of the outside world and to facilitate conversation, so important for the aging mind.