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The Tacy Foundation

"Inspiring Hope Note by Note"

The Tacy Foundation empowers children and teens in the Nation's Capital and surrounding areas to share hope with hospital patients, senior citizens, and disadvantaged youth through the power of music

Inspiring Hope in November



With deep concern for all communities who are drastically affected by COVID-19, the Tacy Foundation invites you to download the original songs newly available on the website. The Tacy’s Foundation’s mission invites youth to make a better world through music and includes the composition of original pieces to spread hope in trying times. Through their music, youth empower those who are ill or those who treat the ill to face the challenges ahead.

There is no greater moment to serve others than right now.  The medical community, first responders, families nearby and far away, neighborhoods, cities, victims of the virus, all need our assistance and support. They need to know that our thoughts are with them, and they need to know of the community's profound gratitude for their altruism.
The songs on the website are written by young composers who have donated their music today to fill the hearts and souls of all those who hear.

Send your donations directly to The American Red Cross.
If you prefer another agency, send your donation directly there. Be generous.
All of our lives are directly impacted by this storm, and those of us who are fortunate enough to have the capability to give must do so, keeping in our thoughts the health and prosperity of those who cannot.

May the music bring you renewed hope and courage for the recovery and rebuilding of our world.

Find downloads below to the music.
Thank you to Michael Tacy, George Benskin, Dennis Erickson, Belle Do, and Julia Baker!

With music and hope from our hearts to yours!
Charlotte Holliday

Covid - 19 Relief Music Provided Free

Please Browse the Music Below and read the messages from our featured artists. Download and enjoy. Give what you can thank you

Michael Tacy - Featured Artist

Tacy Foundation Musician, Composer, Producer, Teacher, and System administrator.

My name is Michael Tacy  I'm a music director and music teacher and I feel for everyone right now. The human race is being put through a terrible ordeal right now but it's important to remember that we are all in this together. I feel this song I wrote a couple weeks ago, "Gridlock" is about a feeling we can all relate to right now. We're stuck. Unable to move and we don't know what's coming next. All we can do is focus on the good things. Count your blessings. Re-evaluate priorities and reach out to the people you love let them know how you feel. We will get through this.

Dennis Erickson - Featured Artist

During this strange and stressful time, I truly believe in the power of music. No matter your situation, it is important to relax, even for a second. With my music, ideally you relax for the duration of the piece and tune out the world around you! I hope for nothing more than my music to recharge its listeners.

I wish the best for all of you!


George Benskin - Featured Artist

Hello, listener. I am George Benskin, someone whose life the Tacy Foundation has been a part of for the longest time. Throughout that span, I have composed many different things, but the tracks you see here are each from very different times and ages in my life. I have offered them here because I believe that in the midst of strife, art can heal, and music can provide solace of some kind. That is the story behind the creation of Waltz in D, after all. I hope, whatever may come of these catastrophic times, that this belief about music holds true for you. Not only now, when peace and hope are desired most, but always.