Wanted: Adult Supervisors for Piano Pals Schools

Imagine being a child who wants to learn to play the guitar or piano, but hearing your family can't afford lessons. Now what if an accomplished music student offered to teach you for free!  That's what Piano Pals has done for so many children.  The talented Tacy volunteers want to share their gift with younger students, but they can't do it without adult volunteers for each Piano Pals or Guitar Pals site.

As the number of participating schools has grown we've reach a point where some programs can't move forward until we get more adult volunteers.  The goal of Piano Pals is to serve students that may be substantially underprivileged. For some of the children participating this may be their only chance to learn to play an instrument. 

"Stepping out of our comfort zone is required along with dedication and perseverance," said foundation president Charlotte Holliday. "I know only too well how difficult it is to allocate time once a week for mentoring in an elementary school, but the impact we make can be lifelong. We know the impact music can have on students' learning. This is the kind of volunteering that can change a child's life." 

Adult supervisors are needed for Brown Station, Fox Chapel, Germantown, Clopper Mill, and Gaithersburg Elementary Schools. Write to thetacyfoundation@gmail.com to volunteer for one hour per week from mid September through May.

Fingerprint and background check are required for every MCPS adult volunteer.

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