Volunteers Wanted for Guitar Pals

Music lessons can help students improve their school performance and give them a life-enriching skill. For some children and teens in Montgomery County, however, learning to play the guitar is a dream denied because their family can't afford lessons.

The Tacy Foundation wants to change that with Guitar Pals.

The Tacy Foundation has been providing free piano lessons through Piano Pals at Montgomery County schools as an after-school activity. The foundation would like to expand the program so children who want to learn to play the guitar can have the same opportunity.  Guitar Pals will start at Parkland Middle School, Tuesdays after school beginning in October.  Adult site supervisors are also needed.

To make it work the foundation needs students who are skillful guitar players and want to share their knowledge and love of the instrument with other youth. For the right student this can be the perfect volunteer opportunity.  Visit the Piano Pals page to get an application form and review the steps to becoming an mentor.  If you are an educator in Montgomery County, Maryland and you'd like to know more about this opportunity for your school contact the foundation at thetacyfoundation@gmail.com.


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