Tacy Volunteers Spread Holiday Joy


The holidays are here and Tacy Foundation volunteers having been celebrating by sharing more than their musical talents. They're doing all they can to charm audiences with both their musical and creative talents.  

Last Sunday Tacy volunteers spent their evening sewing 24 bean bag animals to give as gifts to the seniors at living at Tribute at Heritage Village in Gainesville, Virginia. In addition, the lead adult volunteer for will have fresh-baked cookies for the audience. The volunteer performers will also dress up for this special holiday event at Tribute.

"I hope the seniors will enjoy this concert as much as we will!" said Amy Tsou, who organized the crafting event where students sewed the bean bags. 

"Tribute at Heritage Village residents are so lucky," said Tacy Foundation president Charlotte Holliday. "This is such a great idea for a special holiday activity that will make their winter concert even more special."


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