Tacy Volunteer Youth Becoming Fundrasiers

Tacy teens have stepped up to raise funds for the Foundation.  March 31st the Board of Directors approved exploration into a Youth Fundraising Committee to support those who want to raise funds for ongoing programs.  This was because they were so impressed with Evan Hu's successful Benefit Concert in January.  

Schools in this area encourage teens to organize clubs, find a staff sponsor, and bring awareness to the student body of the cause represented in the charitable organization.  The Tacy Foundation is unique in that it has no paid staff, only volunteers.  Many people think that there is no expense to running the programs until they see the keyboards, boxes of music, T-shirts, wristbands, printed programs, posters, and CDs.  One large expense is associated with recording, duplication of music CDs, insert design and printing, and shipping throughout the country.

Evan Hu organized a beautiful Benefit Concert in January, raising funds for CD projects.  He has also donated to the Foundation from his winnings in a piano competition since then.  

Two volunteers for the Foundation, Bryce Edwards (Clarksburg HS) and Sahithi Kondam (Wooten HS),  both have expressed interest and know-how in fundraising for the Foundation.  Bryce is mobilizing volunteers for a large Benefit Concert June 1st at BlackRock Center.  Sahithi has been very involved for charitable groups through her school and wants to share her experience with others for the Foundation. Recently, Danny Brown's request for a poster came as a most wonderful surprise, when he earned over $700 for the Foundation. You can read about him in another blog post on the Foundation’s website.

If you are interested in youth fundraising, the Foundation will be holding a meeting at Shady Grove Hospital in June. Details will be coming on the date and time.

This meeting will feature Danny Brown, Bryce Edwards and Sahithi Kondam who will share their vision of fundraising in their schools.  The foundation will also invite Evan Hu if he is available to speak about his experience.  There are many schools represented by the hundreds of active teens who play music on the weekends and who mentor Title 1 schools during the week.  The meeting will offer information and a road map for organizing fundraisers at schools, local businesses for the coming year.

“I could not be more proud of the young entrepreneurs and philanthropists among us!” said President and Founder Charlotte Holliday


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