Tacy Foundation Benefit Concert January 13

Dear Volunteers,

Come to the extraordinary BENEFIT concert for The Tacy Foundation next Sunday, January 13, at 7 p.m. The concert will be held at the United Church of Christ of Seneca Valley located at 13421 Clopper Rd, Germantown, MD 20874.

Evan Hu and three of his friends from Montgomery County and Northern Virginia will offer a stunning display of artistry of Piano and Clarinet masterworks. Don't miss this moment!

Evan sought out the foundation in sixth grade, when he was looking for a way to give back charitably to others through his music.  He is now a junior at Montgomery Blair High School, competing in music events nationwide with the best of the best. Always, Evan has made time to play at Shady Grove Hospital on Saturdays and for seniors’ facilities where the foundation offers teens and children the opportunity to play their music for restorative purposes.

When Evan wins a competition, he donates a portion of the "purse" to the foundation to support the message of inspiring hope, note by note for the elderly and for the less fortunate in the community.  Now he is extending the opportunity to you to donate once again.

The price of admission is the amount of a tax-deductible gift you wish to donate to the Foundation.  This effort is not taken lightly.  The performers are quite seasoned. They have been volunteering regularly for the foundation through middle school and now high school in Maryland and in Northern Virginia.

The words "presence" and "presents" sound alike. Both words describe your active participation in this event. Certainly your "presence" when you attend this concert is of very high value to the musicians. As a listener, you will receive the gifts that Evan and his friends will bring. It’s very important!

As a donor, your charitable "presents" through donations support the ongoing work of the foundation.  These contributions are also an important gift, no matter how large or small the amount.

Please come. Join us and be lifted by the art and the heart of these generous and courageous four youth on a winter Sunday evening. 

I personally invite you to be a witness to their music and charitable gifts for inspiring hope, note by note.

Charlotte Tacy Holliday, Founder & Artistic Director


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