President's Volunteer Service Award

The Tacy Foundation has been approved as an official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. A form is being created with information and application.

This prestigious national award recognizes outstanding volunteers and the impact they make on all of us. Volunteers in Tacy Foundation programs are aware of the value and honor of this award.

Founder & Artistic Director Charlotte Holliday consulted with Sarah Walters and others on the Board. A big "thank you" to Sarah for her assistance and advice. Charlotte then took an online training session, and completed and submitted the application.

Sydney and Larson Ozbun are the first volunteers from the Foundation to receive this award. Photos and their experiences are below.

"It is an enormous honor to be selected for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Not only does it drive students to take part in community service, but it also serves as a reminder of the power they have to change lives for the better. For instance, in the Piano Pals program, I gave piano lessons to children who wouldn’t be able to take them otherwise. Seeing their joy as they learned to play new songs reminded me of the impact music has had on my life and made me immensely grateful for the opportunity to introduce this positive change to future musicians, inventors, artists, and leaders," Sydney writes.

"I am deeply honored to have received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. This past year, I earned more than 100 SSL hours. I could not have achieved this without the help of the Tacy Foundation and the many SSL opportunities it provides. Of the many opportunities, one of my favorites was Piano Pals which was a new experience for last summer. I taught underprivileged elementary students how to read music and play the piano. It is a magical feeling to see a student who had just learned the names of the notes a couple weeks ago play a whole piece on their own for the first time. I also enjoy playing live music for seniors at assisted living homes. It was great to hear the joyful voices and whistles of the seniors to the tunes of musical pieces my fellow musicians and I played. I am thankful for receiving this prestigious award and also for being given the opportunity to give back to my community," Larson writes.

Congratulations to Charlotte for her work to receive approval, congratulations to Sydney and Laron for this commendable recognition, and thank you to our volunteers who will strive to earn this great honor.

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