November 2020 Newsletter

November 2020 Newsletter

Inspiring Hope in November 2020

It is now the eighth month of COVID.  We are still waiting for the pandemic to pass.  Since March 18th all schools have remained closed in the Nation’s capital area.  We are upside down, inside out, and rising each day to challenges that require courage, persistence, and our best efforts to cheer each other from a safe distance.  More than any other time, our community is in need of hope.  Thank you for your heroic efforts!  Your courage, adaptability, diligence, compassion and humor touch me so deeply and send waves of hope into the world.  Thanksgiving Day takes on new dimensions as we navigate through the storms this year. 

Messages of hope come day in and day out from our children. Their home videos send personal messages of missing their senior friends, of reminders to stay safe, and of comfort.  Most important of all, they play their music!  Solo instrumentalists, ensembles, and singers send their best, hopeful sounds for those receiving the private YouTube link.  There are many who need to know that there are young people reaching out during COVID to carry them through to a better time ahead.

In these austere days of our lives, we hear and answer the call to rise and shine.  Enjoy this month’s stories!
From Composer’s Circle


I'm Michael Tacy and I'm the teacher of the Composer's Circle class from the Tacy Foundation. Since August young music students and I have been meeting and attempting to unravel the mysteries of creating music and I'm proud to say these kids are doing incredibly.

One silver lining of this challenging year is that we have learned better to communicate virtually. Since I am based in Cincinnati, Ohio, I don't know that this class would have ever happened if not for the Pandemic.

Now, these kids who ordinarily I would have never met are learning how to produce completely original aural art and I am so excited to share it with the world.

I'm so thankful that among all the turmoil now, at least a little bit more wonderful music is being created to make the world just a little bit brighter. Below are links to a couple of these brilliant students' works. I look forward to sharing more in the coming months.

Alice Yacubovich - "Daydreaming"
Lumina Zhang - "Carousel Waltz"
Lyle Erickson - "New Life"
Lyle Erickson - "New Life"
Those of us who volunteer for the Tacy Foundation send out sounds of hope to you with love and compassion…..and eagerness to resume a “normal” busy life again.  Our sounds, art, and stories of hope for everyone are heartfelt and genuine.
Tacy Foundation Live Music YouTube Playlist Sample

Thank you to Keerthana Srinivasan, College Intern, for staying the course all these months with the Video Playlist!  The Total exceeds 250 selections now.  Keerthana has graciously volunteered to prepare a 45-minute sample from the playlist for you to enjoy as a thank you for your support.  There are many more songs, and we will share more for you in forthcoming newsletters.  All songs are in public domain and available for you to enjoy.
Reading Express
Here are stories read on YouTube Videos from children and teens during COVID:

Holiday Projects

Holiday Playlist for Seniors/Hospitals:

Sean Wang of Bethesda, MD has submitted the first holiday video this week. His and Ethan's songs initialize a special playlist for this holiday time of the year.  They are sending you  Happy Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day Gifts:

Live Music Online Performance for Tribute at Heritage Village in Gainesville, VA

Amy Tsou, Chief Intern in Northern Virginia, has organized this beautiful video program, aired at Tribute this weekend.  Watch listen, and enjoy this thankful season:

Live Music Online Performance for Tribute at Heritage Village in
Gainesville, VA
USB Donations To First Responders Children’s Foundation For Nationwide Distribution  

Handmade Cards are arriving in all kinds of boxes and bags.  They will be shipped out for the holidays with music USB flash drives and CDs. The Tacy Foundation has been asked to send as much as we can.  in response to this request from NYC, we are shipping 2250 USBs and CDs to reach children of First Responders across the USA.  Thank you to the Children’s First Responders Foundation for the invitation.  

Design by Marilou Holmes
Design by Ana Eastep
CARDS and ARTWORK for Fall Projects
Three Middle School Students share their artwork with Seniors and patients:
Saharat Phetchit from Rockville, MD made these cards First Responders, Patients, and Seniors to accompany USBs:
960 cards total, 60 get well cards, 60 get well cards, 60 get well cards, 30 get well cards, 45 get well cards, 45 thank you cards to hospitals, 30 thank you cards to hospitals, 30 thank you cards to hospitals, 60 thank you cards to hospitals, 15 thank you cards to hospitals.
Aadeep Bhattacharya of North Potomac, MD submitted this painting:

He wrote:  "I did a 3D hot glue painting on Christmas theme and shared the paintings with   our elders in our community.  In this current pandemic where we cannot reach to our senior in person, I hope to bring cheer and happiness and smile in their faces with this token of love. It gives me immense pleasure to share my work and to discover an artist within me. I can connect this piece of art with with my arts rotation class where I learn to create music, video ,plays and painting and use innovative ways of discovering myself."        

Ella Kim from Herndon, VA sent these paintings and reflection:

I sat down at my desk with my colored pencils, markers, pens, and paper.  I wanted to draw something with a variety of many colors and patterns.  I decided to draw a flower because flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I hoped that by showcasing the vibrant colors and designs, the residents would be able to  experience the wonders of the outdoors.  I wanted to make each row of petals unique from the other to show the different characters each petal holds.

But when you step back and look at it from a distance, it all comes together as one beautiful flower.  I think we as people can relate to the flowers.  No matter what color, race, nationality, size, gender, and beliefs we may have, when we come together we are united as one.

My sister, my brother, and I miss seeing all of you and performing for you.  I hope that you will stay safe and healthy until we meet again.

Warm wishes,

Ella Kim

Thank you for supporting the volunteers and their families! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Your donations are greatly appreciated for shipping costs to First Responders Children's Fund for the holidays.

Donate on the website at via Paypal.  You will receive a tax-deductible receipt online for your charitable contribution.  Or send a check to The Tacy Foundation, PO Box 2334, Germantown, MD 20875.  You will receive an email tax-deduction letter from the Treasurer for 2020.

Charlotte Holliday, Executive Director

Matthew D. Scott, Editor and Graphic Design

Anika Seth, Teen Communications Intern

Matthew Rothman, Teen Edito

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