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Richard Qin

Tacy Foundation Interview 12/21/2019

“A family that has music is a happy family.” Born in 1922 in an urban part of Manhattan, New York, Joan Carr has always reminded herself of this quote. Whether it was her mother's singing, listening to the radio, watching TV, or playing an instrument, Joan has always found a passion for music. 

    Growing up, Joan had many siblings, and they all enjoyed listening to mostly soft, calm music. Every morning, her mother sang songs to wake everyone up and brighten up their day. At school, all of her friends loved listening and dancing to popular music. Whenever Joan walked home from school or went to the grocery store, she would sing Big Band Music. She also enjoyed playing the piano after school or whenever she had time.

    However, life was tough for Joan and her family. Unfortunately, Joan’s sister died at an early age, and for a year, her mother stopped singing around the house. Her whole family was heartbroken about the situation, and Joan felt alone and dreary. Following her sister’s death, Joan’s dog, Bonnie, got hit by a car. Joan was devastated, for she witnessed two of her most important companions leave her. Not only this, Joan grew up during the time of the Great Depression. Luckily, her father was an electrician, which helped with her family’s financial issues. Though Joan’s family was somewhat financially stable, emotionally, Joan felt hopeless like nothing was able to help her. Over time, to help combat her grief, Joan listened to mostly popular music, for it helped her reclaim her hope and happiness she once had. One of her favorite songs, “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean” by Mitch Miller, still hits her today with delightful memories of her dog. 

    Years later, Joan was offered an adequate job at ADT Security Services, eventually being promoted to a manager in charge of her department. At the same time, she also found the love of her life, Frank, and he helped pacify her childhood sorrow. After dating for many years, they finally became husband and wife, and at their wedding, they played their favorite songs, including “Let Me Call You a Sweetheart” and Frank Sinatra’s albums. 

    Joan and Frank lived happily together, for they both had the same music and movie taste. They watched “The Sound of Music” numerous times, and every time it evoked the same heart-wrenching emotions. To this day, Joan still loves listening to music, watching movies, and watching musicals. Joan realized that without music, she wouldn’t have been able to walk out of her childhood misery as successfully, and she is grateful for all of the supportive people that have helped her. All of the music she listens to brings back memories: her childhood, marriage, time spent with her family, etc. Now, Joan lives in the Sunrise Senior Living Center, where her nieces take care of her, and because most of her family members live close by, she can spend precious time with her family members, while also enjoying the music coming from the talented virtuosos of The Tacy Foundation


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