Inspiring Hope In March

The Founder’s Message

On St. Patrick’s Day, twenty-one piano students gathered at Asbury Methodist Village at 3 p.m. All of us bore witness to the lives of four generations touching each others' souls through music.

Before we began the program, children and teens (ages six through seventeen) began shaking hands with all of the seniors in the room.

How I wished that I could have shared with you in person or through a video that precious moment diverse worlds merged on that Sunday afternoon. Proud parents watched another magical moment of live music for seniors.

I will not forget the warmth, beauty, generosity and hope that of that moment and all the moments where the Foundation reaches out to inspire hope. Sheer delight radiated from the seniors’ faces as they shook warm, kind hands of children and teens.  With all eyes sparkling, the children gratefully met their adoring audience sharing their names, schools, ages, and personal conversation.

Laughter filled the room. The interaction affects both the young performers and the seniors, whose  minds and hearts fill with a sense of purpose as they share their lifetime of wisdom and their gratitude for the music.  These concerts say to the oldest generation that they have made a difference in their long lives. The children are telling their forebears that they are remembered and respected and loved. Seniors long to know that they have made a difference.   On March 17, a lovely Sunday afternoon, the elders knew once again that they mattered.    Thank you to the children and parents who came--from churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, special religious and other cultural and educational events. You made this concert a moment of sheer joy.  The seniors (ages 75-97) passed on their affection to the youngest generation (ages 4-17). The two generations in-between (ages 32-50, and 50-75) enjoyed the chemistry in the room.

Charlotte Tacy Holliday

 Growing Our Foundation

The Tacy Foundation serves over 400 children & teens of all ages in Montgomery County, Maryland and Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, Virginia.  It has grown exponentially since its creation in 2009 in Germantown, Maryland. Many families from the Nation’s Capital area come together every week to serve the community.

The Foundation sponsors over twenty opportunities each month in Montgomery County, Maryland and Northern Virginia communities.  Every week more students, music teachers and other volunteers contact us via our email address to contribute to our missing of “inspiring hope, note by note.”

Join us! Amazing moments happen when people and music and arts converge to help others.

If you are currently volunteering we have one more request. We love to hear about your experiences volunteering and we think it’s great when you share photographs of your volunteering . We use these stories to inspire others to join us.

Are you getting your email invitations to Perform?

If you have not received Invitations to sign up for The Tacy Foundation performance, mentoring, and recording opportunities, you might check your spam.

Upon introduction and enrollment, your email address should receive invitations to the foundation's activities. If you aren’t getting your emails and you don’t find them in your spam folder let us know at:

Many youth are now playing at 5 hospitals, 11 seniors facilities in Maryland and 8 seniors homes in Virginia. Music CDs for Fisher Houses and Hospitals serve those who are far away and Piano and Guitar Pals Programs provide substantial outreach to underprivileged children in Title I schools and HOC subsidized housing.


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