Danny Brown's Tacy Fundraiser at Oakdale High School in New Market, MD

Danny brown

 Danny Brown, Senior at Oakdale HS in New Market, MD threw a "fast ball" last week.

He asked to borrow a Tacy Foundation poster from Frederick Memorial Hospital for a fundraising campaign the next day at his High School in New Market. 

Not only did we loan a poster, we sent brochures of projects and their cost, a list of ongoing music performance and mentoring programs, the mission statement and orientation page for all incoming volunteers in the Nation's Capital.  We support initiative and passion for helping charitable purposes.

Danny, placed posters in the school, networked with teens, and on Saturday, presented the mission of the Foundation. He spoke of his own very powerful experience as a volunteer.

Danny's one week adventure raised $750.00! The school staffer made the payment on the Web Site's Paypal account last Wednesday.  What a resounding success this was!

Here is Danny Brown's account of his experience two weeks ago:
“I ran for Mr. Oakdale at my school which is a competition between senior boys in the school. It is a week long event where we had to do things each day (twin day with a teacher, dress up as the "future you", etc). The competition requires that each candidate represent and raise money for a charity of their choosing, so I chose the Tacy Foundation. Everyday during the school week, I would go onto the morning announcements and describe the charity and say that I’ll be walking around the cafeteria during lunch to collect donations. Unsurprisingly, many people supported the organization! I also set up posters throughout the school to advertise my organization. 

There was also a talent portion to the competition on the final night. Of course I chose to play the piano. I played my arrangement of Don’t Stop Believin' by Jouney and won third place overall (out of 12) and raised almost $750! I was also able to speak to the audience about the Tacy Foundation at length at that time, which was a great way to get the name out there. 

Danny Brown has been performing Live Music for the Foundation's events for three years.  He began at Shady Grove Hospital. While he continued there, he also played at Walter Reed NMMC, NIH, as well as Seniors' Homes.  He asked to start a regular Live Music rotation in the lobby of Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick County.  This lovely hospital is closer to his family home and more convenient for his and Frederick County youth for regular charitable playing.  Danny became the Chief Intern of this new site two summers ago.  As his high school schedule has intensified, he has continued taking turns with Hadyn Ng on Saturday afternoons every week.  The Brown and Ng families have anchored Live Music for Hospitals at Frederick Memorial Hospital every week for 100 weeks.

Danny has recorded for Tacy Foundation CDs that go out to 58 Fisher Houses and many hospitals along the east coast, Cincinnati, Parkland FL, Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle, WA.  He is passionate about the healing elements in music.  One day he plans to bring medical and musical elements together, both in through a career as a medical doctor and through his philanthropic passion as a musician.

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