Cyrus Amini: What the Tacy Foundation Means to Me


My involvement with the Tacy Foundation has shown me the impact of dedication, interaction with seniors, and caring for others in my community. My students have really grown since I first started teaching them many years ago. Mrs. Chan Wei has especially been practicing hard for all 4 of the years I have been with Tacy Foundation and gets nervous when she hasn’t practiced every day. She started with barely reading notes to now playing intermediate pieces that she brings to class herself. My other student, Ms. Antonia, could not even read notes the first time we met 2 years ago. Now, she knows how to practice scales and play most beginner pieces in C Major. My brother’s student, Ms. Joy, also continued to improve but unfortunately, she stopped early this Fall because her son passed away unexpectedly.  Seeing their progress makes me believe that they are not the only people I can have a huge impact on but motivates me to continue to help others in my community


One of the huge impacts the Tacy Foundation has had on me is that has made me a much more patient and kinder person. My students have not always made fast progress. In fact, some weeks we spend the full time on page of music just reviewing the fingering positions. However, I learned that the best way to teach them is to take small steps in order to give them the confidence so they can move in the right direction. 

I plan to pursue a career in medicine after college. A job in medicine requires not just intelligence, but patience and discipline. Both of these key traits have been instilled me with the many years of teaching seniors and performing for the foundation. Without the Tacy Foundation, I would never be able to see a real-life example of the impact my work and perseverance has on others.


Working with Mrs. Holliday is a true honor. I have always seen her as a role model for what I should do in future – which is to start a medical organization to help others. I want to be able to help people selflessly, simply for the good of the world around us. She has seen me grow, take on added responsibility, become more confident, advised me on being a leader, and seen my commitment over many years

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