April 2024 Newsletter


April 2024

The Tacy Foundation empowers children and teens to share hope and joy with hospital patients, military veterans, senior citizens, and disadvantaged youth through performances, music recording projects, and music mentoring programs.

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Director’s Corner

Happy Spring!

The first week in April is spring break here in the nation’s capital area. Even though many of our youth volunteers leave on trips to visit family and friends and for cultural adventures, there are many others who remain in the area and continue to serve through music, video stories, and cards.  


“Breaking news”:

(1) A new opportunity has arrived at Howard General Hospital, a Hopkins affiliate. Also, Cecil County families seek support to begin live music in their area.

(2) The NIH Patient Library will offer an additional monthly opportunity, called Tiny Twilight Music Series, Tuesday evenings on the 7th floor.


If you know of a facility that would benefit from the tremendous power of youth and music, please let us know. We do our best to find volunteers who will bring hope and healing through live music.


In addition to live music, videos from our children and teens on the link at the top of this newsletter continue through thick and thin. So much work, personal care, and finesse go into these videos. Take a few moments to listen to them and be touched and heartened by the music right here among us.


Piano Pals for seniors continues to grow. Seniors ask for lessons, and Chief Intern Huan Changvu encourages a match for each one by contacting the activity director at a senior facility close to the teen. Appointments are made, and the relationship between an elderly citizen and a youth begins through the language of music.


Clopper Mill ES, Gaithersburg ES, Brown Station ES, and Fox Chapel ES celebrated the 2023-2024 season with a piano program provided by the children. Each child and teen received an official certificate and medal for participation from September through the end of March. We hope to see them again next year at their next level! And we hope that the children moving on to 6th grade in middle school will come back to help out the beginners at their home school.


Tanglewood Apartments HOC in Silver Spring continues Piano Pals classes on Saturday mornings until May 4th.


Piano Pals classes were joined by Guitar Pals interns at Clopper Mill ES and Gaithersburg ES. This year some students studied a half hour on piano and a half hour on guitar each week. Very talented children live among us!


Fire Station 18 in Sterling, VA sent the first rescue team in response to the recent gas explosion in Sterling. One firefighter was tragically killed, and others injured. Our young artists sent “Thinking of You” cards to the Cards Team. Mario Lara, Eric Zou, and Rukmani Lara. Karina Willis-Lara, supervisor of the Cards Team, quickly organized, proofed, and packaged them for shipment. On March 12th, the cards went directly to the fire station. Compassionate youth drew beautiful graphics and wrote messages of support and appreciation for the firefighters and the families that suffered injury and loss.


Please join me in thanking all volunteers, youth, parents, and volunteer staff who have steadfastly sent art, music, and messages to those in our world who need and appreciate messages of hope and love.  


From all of us in our diverse traditions, we send best wishes for a happy spring to all:  

Happy Easter, Holi, Passover, and Ramadan.


Bryan Eng Returns

Charlotte Holiday

A Beautiful Night of Music at Sibley Memorial Hospital

Nathan Badmus

On March 4 youth volunteer musicians once again played beautifully at the Andreas Family Foundation lobby at Sibley Hospital. The string quartet of violinist Noemi Beitlin, violinist Lyla Lim, violist Aurora Wu and cellist Jules Anyoit offered a diverse range of lovely music. The program also featured a duet of Someone You Loved by pianist Joshua Badmus and clarinetist David Badmus and wonderful solos performed by pianist Shuao Zhang, pianist Nathan Badmus and saxophonist Shubo Zhang.


At the end of the performance, the audience members rose to applaud and expressed appreciation for the performance. In fact, a man who has been going through tough times, seeing his dad sick in the hospital, came to thank the performers and told them how much better they made his day. These words and encouragement reaffirm our positive impact on the community through music and inspire us to come back each week. Together, we look forward to more performances that will touch hearts and minds to make Saturdays at Sibley a little more special.

In the front from left to right Jules Anyoi, Lyla Lim, Aurora Wu, Noemi Beitlin, David Badmus, and

Joshua Badmus. In the back from left to right Shuao Zhang, Shubo Zhang, and Nathan Badmus.

Music as Medicine: The Science and Clinical Practice


The following link is to an online synopsis of a December 2023 workshop on this topic:




Harmony at Chantilly

Diep Hoang

I have been a supervisor for the Tacy Foundation at the Harmony at Chantilly senior facility since my two older daughters, Kayleigh and Raelyn, became chief interns in 2019. Before that, I had driven them and their little sister, Cameron, to many centers in Virginia and Maryland to perform music for seniors. Following is the story of how I became a supervisor for the Tacy Foundation at Harmony at Chantilly.


I passed by Harmony at Chantilly every day on my way to work and back home. One day, I decided to stop by the center to talk to the activity director, and I was glad that I did. The activity director, Darnall Graham, was very excited to learn about the Tacy Foundation’s mission and the possibility that young musicians could come to perform music and sing to the residents regularly. When I got home that day, I asked Kayleigh and Raelyn if they would like to serve at a new center for the Tacy Foundation, and they said yes without hesitation. Soon after, I gave Mrs. Holliday a call, and I have been committed to the center since that day.


We had very few people attend our first recital at Harmony at Chantilly, but good words from Ms. Graham and the residents began spreading throughout the center from that day onward. Our audience has continued to grow, and now over 20 very happy and appreciative residents attend our recital every month. They clap and cheer for each of our performers before and after his/her performance. At the end of each recital, they like to tell me and the performers how much they enjoyed our music and look forward to our next recital. Their gratitude and appreciation really warm my heart and inspire me to continue to assist the many volunteers who like to share their music with the residents at Harmony at Chantilly.

More Tacy Volunteers Who Will Graduate in 2024

James Madamba

“Kamusta,” a Filipino greeted my mom as he heard me fluently speaking Tagalog, a Filipino dialect. “When did you all move to the United States?” He thought I was a native Filipino, but I’m not.


I grew up in a nurturing family in Virginia and am fluent in English, Spanish, and Tagalog thanks to my Filipino grandparents who helped care for me from infancy to childhood. My parents instilled in me respect for others, a strong work ethic, and responsibility to myself and my community.


Now, as a high schooler, I strive to achieve academic excellence while pursuing my passion for music. For four years I’ve actively participated in Rock Ridge Sings, my school’s choir, as a lead tenor with perfect pitch. I’ve taught my peers—refining their vowels, diction, and dynamics as they prepare for school concerts and honor choir auditions. My high school experience is a powerful indication that I have limitless potential whether in academics, music, or personal growth. I would never have imagined that I’d ever participate in choral events at state and national levels during my high school years, including: 2022 All-Virginia Chorus, 2022 NAfME All-National Mixed Choir, and 2023 VMEA Senior Honor Choir.


My personal goal is to make connections with people, and make impactful contributions through community service, especially to the sick and elderly at the twilight stages of their lives. Whether it’s bringing food to sick church parishioners or sharing my musical talent every month at the Waltonwood Senior Living Center (in Ashburn, VA) through the Tacy Foundation, I find ways to give back, which I do in part to honor my grandparents. It warms my heart to see the radiant smiles on those I serve.


This coming fall, I will be a Virginia Tech freshman pursuing a B.S. in Economics. I hope to continue to excel academically and make impactful contributions through community service. Moreover, I want to keep myself involved in a musical community to share my talent and make my college experience balanced and worthwhile.


All of my activities align with Virginia Tech’s motto: “Ut Prosim” (doing something that’s not only nice, but also helps others in transformative ways.) Ultimately, I want to inspire my peers to be their best, authentic selves and encourage them to live life to the fullest, by helping them discover their potential that’s just waiting to be unlocked. The benefits truly are life-changing!

Lianor Sweda

Lianor Sweda has volunteered with the Tacy Foundation since she was 10 years old. She has played her violin for seniors at Sunrise at Hunter Mill in Oakton site for all those years. Many of the residents remember her because, as they say, "you have been coming here for a long time."


For the past two and a half years, Lianor has been a chief intern, and over the past three months, she has been transitioning the role to make sure that the program remains present and engaged at this wonderful site.

Lianor will attend Wake Forest University this coming fall. She plans to study business and maintain her love of music.

Grace Liang

I've been volunteering with the Foundation since 7th grade. I currently volunteer as a Piano Pals mentor at Brown Station Elementary School and at Tanglewood Apartments, as well as a Chief Intern at Sterling Nursing Home. After graduation, I plan to go to the University of Maryland to get a degree in computer science.

Piano Pals is a super rewarding experience and a ton of fun. I would definitely recommend signing up if you have the time for it!

The Tacy Foundation

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Philanthropic Mission: Empower youth to discover and use their gifts in service to others


Social Mission: Build community partnerships and create intergenerational connections


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Donations are appreciated.  All adult and teen staff are volunteers.  No salaries or benefits. Every dollar you donate goes to supplies for all projects offered to the community. 


Thank you!  

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