A Special Message from Alena Lu and Michael Xie

Here are the dedication and performance list from the Harmony 5 CD.

Music. We do not realize it, but music is everywhere. Whether it be the birds singing joyfully outside on a sunny day, or the sound of rain softly hitting the pavement in a storm, music is universal. As a result, music is often underrated, and brushed off as something small and insignificant. However, as common as it can be, music has the power to cure sickness; to restore and heal. It can be used to relieve stress, and help those in need.

The music on this CD will take you through an experience, ranging from the most peaceful, quiet nights, to the brilliance and fire of a Spanish fair.

 I hope this music will bring you strength to face any challenges that lie before you, and allow for relaxation and

restoration whenever you feel stressed.

 Thank you,

Alena Lu


The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once stated: “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Music holds such power and is this essential because it reflects our emotions, and is a by-product of our experiences. Thus, it can hold many forms: it can be delicate and ethereal to radiant and dazzling.

It gives a way for someone to express him or herself in ways he or she could never do before. We can find solace in music because we can experience the composer’s emotions through their art. It offers a gateway to escape our current reality. Finally, music is also the universal unifier. When people listen to music, no matter their backgrounds or the experiences they have been through, they can bond through the feeling and beauty evoked from the music.

We hope that our music will bring joy and beauty, and that in it you will find the strength to

face the challenges ahead. Thank you for listening to our music.

Thank you,

Michael Xie


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