The Value of Live Music Performance

Dear Students, Parents, and Supporters of The Tacy Foundation:

 I hope these thoughts will energize your resolve to bring your children to participate and appreciate the intrinsic and priceless value of live music.

Playing an instrument or singing takes all that we are to render ourselves artistic in front of an audience of seniors, hospital patients/visitors/staff, adjudicators, family members, and peers.  It is Boot Camp 101 in poise, mindfulness, humility and respect for the other teen performers who "step up to the plate" and play.  We learn to admire artists who play with artistry and renewal again and again to audiences around the world with sparkling energy beyond our own level.  With each performance attempt, we reaffirm our aspiration to bring beauty into the world.

Years of learning and teaching music, and now organizing opportunities for young people, many of whom play music, has brought such hope, courage, and competence, and integrity into our world.  Thank you to the parents who have been the rudder in their children's complicated lives.  Thank you all for "inspiring hope, note by note."

Sincerely yours,

Charlotte Tacy Holliday
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