George Benskin's Benefit Concert Raises $1,000 for The Tacy Foundation



George Benskin

To a standing ovation from 85 attendees, George Benskin took his final bow on Sunday, January 31, 2016 at the benefit concert he offered on behalf of the Tacy Foundation. George carefully selected  his program to create a dynamic array of style, tempos, and nuance, and he narrated his  program with eloquence and humor.  The narrative included personal observations and anecdotes of the selections, both the original as well as standard advanced repertoire.

 One family came from Baltimore because of a recent connection with George’s work in transcribing a medical doctor’s original music.  Some in the audience included very supportive parishioners and church leadership, young musicians and their families who are participating in The Tacy Foundation programs, and friends of the foundation, including a co-founder and her family.

For those of you who took the afternoon to come and support George and to support. The Tacy Foundation, you have witnessed an emerging creative artist. Thank you for your presence.  Thank you so very much for your generous donations!  George raised $1000 for the foundation in that moment, thanks to all of you and his willingness to share his music.


Congratulations to all who shared this moment! Bravissimo to George Benskin!

--- Charlotte Holliday, Founder and President, The Tacy Foundation

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