My Story: Healing Through Music

Alexandra is one of many students who donate their time and talents to the Tacy Foundation.  She knows about the healing power of music firsthand.

The Tacy Foundation provides opportunities for children to give the gift of music to those in pain or in need. I myself am very grateful for this opportunity, because in the spring of 2014, I was the one in the hospital with a broken femur, and music came to the rescue.

When I found out that my leg was broken, the first thought that went through my head was, “How will I be able to play piano?” I was crushed, but thanks to amazing doctors, nurses and staff at Children’s National Medical Center, eight days after my surgery, I pushed myself to stand up from the wheelchair, took my walker and started practicing piano. As soon as my fingers pressed that first note, my pain was relieved and worry disappeared. The piano and music in general became a source of comfort and consolation. The melodies played in my head and empowered me to get up and start walking again. I believe my personal experience proves that music truly does heal.

"I am so excited to be a volunteer with the Tacy Foundation and participate in different programs to share music through live performances at hospitals and assisted living facilities, and to record music for CDs for those in need of healing and hope."

 Alexandra T.

We like hearing from the students who make the work of the Tacy Foundation possible! We hope other volunteers will share their inspiring stories.  

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Beautiful story, heartfelt music, and profound message.

Thank you, Alexandra!

Charlotte Holliday

Charlotte Tacy Holliday

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