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Piano Pals Updates

The Tacy Foundation will offer Piano Pals for Gaithersburg Elementary School this summer. This will be a continuation of Piano Pals offered every Wednesday afternoon to 38 children at Gaithersburg ES, Gibbs ES, and Fox Chapel ES through the generosity and interest of middle and high school pianists who volunteer to teach children with financial hardships. One-on-one mentoring is significant for these children. Dedicated teens arrive faithfully to teach. Here are some of the mentors' experiences:

"I consider myself lucky because I have the opportunity to learn piano. Realizing that many other children aren't as lucky as I am, I wanted to give something back to the community by joining the Piano Pals program. This is my second year teaching Jaime. Jaime plays better week by week. I truly appreciate the opportunity to help other children."
--Bibby, Piano Pals Mentor

"My student is a bright eyed, enjoyable kid and she loves to learn piano. When she first came, she didn’t know anything about piano.  Now, she can recite full pieces from memory in front of an audience!  This journey through Piano Pals has really opened me up to the generous things that we can do for the community.  It may be a small contribution, but I know that even the small things can have a large impact.  Piano Pals has really showed me empathy and care in many ways at once."

-- Tin, Piano Pals Mentor

Thank you for all you do to inspire hope with the
Tacy Foundation

Help Music Flow Through the Patriotic Heart

Can you spare a few dollars to help children share their music to uplift and inspire wounded veterans?

Can't donate to the CD project right now? Amazon will make a small donation to the Tacy Foundation every time you shop with Amazon Smiles. Need health and wellness products? Shaklee will donate 15% to 20% on all orders when you order through

 As an all-volunteer organization, we are so grateful for your support of the mentoring and educational programs and performance opportunities that benefit children, families, seniors, veterans and hospital patients through our three-part mission:

  • Educational Mission: Foster youth development through music, story and mentoring
  • Philanthropic Mission: Empower youth to discover and use their gifts in service to others
  • Social Mission: Build community partnerships, create intergenerational connections




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