Inspiring Hope in April

Sending Music and Hope to Auria

With this month's Inspiring Hope, I have a request for all of you. Please take a moment right where you are to remember and to support Auria and her family. Auria is at Children's Hospital waiting for a new heart. Your kind thoughts, hopefulness, prayers, and love for this young child and her family are very much appreciated throughout this very difficult time.  Remember the wonderful doctors, nurses, technicians, and staff at the hospital too. 

Last week the young musicians who perform at Shady Grove Hospital took time and imagination to create these cards for Auria at Children's Hospital.  Thank you to each one who came to the hospital. You made a difference! She received the cards on Sunday.

-Sincerely, Charlotte Holliday

 500 Music CDs Shipped  47 Fisher Houses!

Live Music for National Institutes of Health

Watch part of the April 1st performance by Tin and Bibby here:

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As an all-volunteer organization, we are so grateful for your support of the mentoring and educational programs and performance opportunities that benefit children, families, seniors, veterans and hospital patients through our three-part mission:
  • Educational Mission: Foster youth development through music, story and mentoring
  • Philanthropic Mission: Empower youth to discover and use their gifts in service to others
  • Social Mission: Build community partnerships, create intergenerational connections



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