A Passion for Music, Service and Teaching

Playing piano is my passion. Piano lifts my spirits up when they are low. When I come home from a busy day at school, I go straight to the piano and play out my emotions. I have been playing the piano now for four years. Piano is very important to me because when I play there is not pressure, it relaxes me and gives enjoyment. I developed an interest in playing the piano when I was in fifth grade. My younger brother had started taking piano lessons. I would listen to him practice his songs and watch him play. It sparked my interest and I decided I wanted to learn how to play the piano, too.

I believe music is meant to be shared. My piano teacher sets up recitals at various retirement homes in the area, one being Asbury Retirement Home, in Gaithersburg. I always enjoy going to perform at these recitals for the elderly residents and will continue to do so. Music brings people together and also brings back memories. Music is helpful for the elderly’s minds and when I pick my song selection to play, I keep their generation in mind. I am hoping my song selections will trigger a pleasant memory for them. They are grateful to see me play piano and it makes me feel happy I can share my talent and passion with them.

Another reason why piano is my passion is that that I participate in a program called Piano Pals. The Piano Pals program is designed for students who have a desire to play piano, but cannot afford the cost of the lesson. Weekly, I got to Gibbs Elementary School and teach a child piano. Although she is just a beginner, she is a fast learner and I am proud of her. It brings me joy in seeing her accomplishments and that is exciting for me, because I had a part in that. I get to share my passion with someone else and maybe the piano will become her passion, too. My student’s parents are very thankful that I have dedicated myself to teaching their daughter piano.

To me, I feel music in general is a universal language and is very important, not just to my life, but to others both young and old.

Laurel Urcia

Eighth grade student and Tacy Foundation volunteer

Roberto Clemente Middle School

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