Music Heals

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Music Heals

For American Wounded Service Members, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center , Veterans Administration Hospitals and for All Branches of the Military, National Law Enforcement and Fire!ghters Children’s Fund and Fisher Houses

This classical music cd was performed by young performers that range in age from 5 to 18 years. They live in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Track Composition Composer Performer

1 National Anthem John S. Smith Nathan Lao, Saxophone
2 Hall of Fame !e Script Akshay Guthal, Piano
3 The Wall Michael Tacy Michael Tacy, Vocal and Band
4 Payphone Maroon 5 Akshay Guthal, Piano
5 Dear Prudence John Lennon Jonah Rabinowitz, Guitar & Paul McCartney
6 A Li#le Bit of Heaven Earnest R. Ball, Aiden Teter, Piano Arr. Aiden Teter
7 America, !e Beautiful Traditional British, Anika Seth, Piano Arr. !omas Arne
8 Maybe Yiruma Veda Luthra, Piano
9 Old Towne Rag George Benskin George Benskin, Piano
10 Everything About You !ree Days Grace Ryan Utz, Piano
11 Stereo Hearts Gym Class Heroes Akshay Guthal, Piano

12 Exodus Earnest Gold Alina Bui, Piano
13 Blackbird John Lennon Jack Lyons, Guitar & Paul McCartney
14 Demons Imagine Dragons Kathryn Gauch, Piano
15 Maple Leaf Rag Sco# Joplin Ryan Lam, Piano
16 *Human Christina Perri Alex Milliken, Vocal Michael Tacy, Band
17 *Waterfall Chris Zerhusen Chris Zerhusen & Michael Tacy, & Michael Tacy Vocal & Band
18 *Comin’ Home Sean Combs Michael Tacy, Vocal & Piano & Chris Zerhusen, Vocal, Drums
19 God Bless the USA Lee Greenwood Charlo#e Holliday, Piano
20 Stars & Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa Jake Engel, Piano

*These songs are produced by Chris Zerhusen and Michael Tacy